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"I saw firsthand what sorts of important things people could do working together for a common goal….Going on an Alt Break helped reinforce what I wanted to do after school. It assured me that I was on the right path."

— Dave Gauger, Senior, Consumer Affairs

Unsure about joining our fun and friendly committee?

"Before I joined Alt Breaks, I was very shy; being in Alt Breaks has honed my communication skills, gave me more leadership opportunities than I've ever had, and gave me a deeper understanding of a basic, yet profound, concept: humans helping other humans…I've met so many people and learned just how open the world really is. There are people and places struggling everywhere, just waiting for your email or call offering help."

— Liz Scheibe, Freshman, Past Orientation Speakers Coordinator


Get Involved!

Become a member of the awesome Alternative Breaks Committee. Help plan Weekend Break trips, Service Days and other possible Service Travel Events.  Come to one of our weekly committee meetings.  Our Spring 2015 Semester meeting time is Thursday 5:30-7:00pm in Memorial Union. Be sure to check TITU for our meeting room number or send us an email at altbreaks@union.wisc.edu with your questions and ideas!

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