Winter Break January 2015 Trips are Full!

Winter Break Trips are timed to start right after the New Year's holiday or start so that they end just as the spring semester begins.  Winter Break Trips always fill up, but generally speaking, we get less applications for each available spot in Winter than the other times of the year. Apply for a Winter Break Trip if you really want a particular destination or issue/service... 

Spring Break Trips  are timed to coincide with the UW Spring Break each spring semester.  Spring Break Trips are our most popular (generally we get approximately 3 applications for each available spot in our Spring Break Trips offerings).

Summer Break Trips typically take place right after the end of the spring semester and international trips are frequently more than one week in length.  The application for Trips is usually available approximately six weeks before the last class day, however the timing of Spring Break can effect the decision on when to make the application available.

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Acceptance and participation in a Winter or Spring Break Trip does not preclude participation in future trips. Being an active Alternative Breaks Committee member through planning a trip, can help guarantee your place on that, or another trip offered through Alternative Breaks. 



Want to help plan an Alternative Break Trip?  

Join the Alternative Breaks Committee.  Membership is open to any UW-Madison student.  E-mail us for more information or to express your interest in joining the Committee. 

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Get Involved!

Become a member of the awesome Alternative Breaks Committee. Help plan Weekend Break trips, service days and other possible service travel events.  Come to one of our weekly committee meetings.  Our Fall Semester, 2014 meeting time is Mondays, 7:30pm. Be sure to check Today in the Union (TITU) Postings for our meeting room number or send us an email at with your questions and ideas!

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