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Applications for the 2014 - 2015 school year now closed!

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Every year, exceptional students like you leave their marks on Memorial Union and Union South as Wisconsin Union student leaders. Directly below, you’ll learn more about the Officer, Director, and Summer Coordinator positions.


Position Descriptions:

Check out and apply for one (or more) of the following positions:
Officer | Director | Summer Coordinator


As an Officer, you’ll be at the forefront of decision-making at the Wisconsin Union. You’ll be a part of the Wisconsin Union Directorate Executive Committee, overseeing and helping to conceive, market, implement and direct the 1,000+ programs WUD puts on each year. In addition, you’ll sit on Union Council, the Union’s governing Council, as a part of its Executive Committee and chair one of its four subcommittees as an active voice in shaping Union policy. 

Officer Positions:

  • President
  • Vice President for Public Relations
  • Vice President for Program Administration
  • Vice President for Leadership Development

Officer Position Descriptions [.PDF]


Directors of Wisconsin Union Directorate’s nine committees will recruit and lead a group of students who conceive of, market, and implement the 1,000+ programs our organization puts on each year. With areas ranging from Art to Society and Politics, you’ll direct student programming in any way you see fit, having an impact on campus vibe and culture. You’ll also sit on one of Union Council’s four subcommittees, contributing your voice to shape Union policy. 

Director Positions:

  • WUD Alternative Breaks
  • WUD Art
  • WUD Distinguished Lecture Series
  • WUD Film
  • WUD Global Connections
  • WUD Music
  • WUD Performing Arts
  • WUD Publications
  • WUD Society and Politics 

Director Position Descriptions [.PDF]

Summer Coordinator 

As a Summer Coordinator, you’ll oversee either WUD Art, WUD Music, or WUD Film’s programming for the summer—that includes concerts and movies on the Terrace!—while planning Fall movies, art, and concerts. Your voice will be central in determining the first programs students will see when they get back to start the school year.

Summer Coordinator Positions:

  • Art Summer Coordinator
  • Film Summer Coordinator
  • Summer Music Manager (Wednesday & Friday)
  • Summer Music Manager (Thursday & Saturday)
  • Interim Summer Terrace Music Manager

Summer Coordinator Positions [.PDF]

Union South Summer Arts Coordinator Position [.PDF]


Benefits you’ll enjoy as a Wisconsin Union student leader:

  • Gain incredible professional and leadership experience.
  • Build your resume like you never thought possible.
  • Access an extensive network of previous Union leaders to help you succeed.
  • Play an active role in shaping your Unions. Influence everything from Wisconsin Union policies and marketing to the concerts we throw and the food we sell.
  • Do all this while earning a competitive stipend.


Please send all completed applications to directorate@union.wisc.edu by their respective due dates:

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