Our Submissions Process 

We are currently accepting proposals for the 2016-2017 exhibition cycle.  Proposals must be received no later than Friday 10/31/2015 at 5pm for consideration.


Who curates the Wisconsin Union Galleries?
The Wisconsin Union Directorate Art Committee manages exhibitions in the exhibition spaces of the Wisconsin Union Galleries.  We accept exhibition proposal submissions on a rolling basis. We are currently booked through the 2015-2016 academic year.

When will you review proposals for the 2016-2017 season?
In mid-November 2015, we will evaluate proposals received by the submissions deadline for possible exhibition in the coming academic year, which runs June 2016-June 2017.  Submissions received after the deadline will be held for the following season's consideration.

What facilities are affected by the Memorial Union Reinvestment project?
Due to the upcoming Final Phase of the Memorial Union Reinvestment project, there is a change in the availability of some of our facilities.  The Porter Butts Gallery will close temporarily for refurbishment--we are not accepting proposals for this facility for the 2016-2017 season.  The Lakefront on Langdon Gallery has now closed permanently--we are not accepting proposals for future exhibitions in this space.  We are accepting and reviewing proposals for the Class of 1925 Gallery at Memorial Union and Gallery 1308 at Union South.

When will artists be notified of their proposal status?
Artists selected for exhibition can expect to be contacted by mid-February 2016. Artists not selected for exhibition can expect notification and return of submissions materials by mid-March 2016, after the submission booking process has been fully completed.  These contact deadlines are estimates and may be adjusted based on the number of submissions received or for other unanticipated scheduling needs.

How do you evaluate proposals?
Submissions packets are evaluated through a competitive criteria-based process by active members of the Art Committee.  Due to the volume of proposals received, not all submissions will be offered an exhibition slot nor are we able to provide critiques of individual submissions.  Note that depending upon quality of submissions received and their appropriateness to the exhibition spaces available, additional calls for submissions may be held as needed to fill available exhibition slots. 

Additional Questions?
If you have specific questions regarding the submissions process or dates, please call (608) 262-7592 or email:   art@union.wisc.edu


Preparing A Submissions Packet:

The Wisconsin Union Galleries now accept both electronic and physical submissions packets for consideration.  Electronic submissions are our preferred format.  Prior to completing a submission packet, please review the gallery specifications of our various facilities (available on the Galleries section of this website) as well as all of the information provided on this page.  Make sure your proposal will be appropriate to the size and amenities available in a specific space. 

The following items must be included in your proposal.  Incomplete packets will not be considered for selection, so make sure you include all requested information. 

  1. A fully completed Exhibition Proposal Form.  Please take the time to fully detail and describe your proposed exhibition.  For installations, please provide information on when/where this installation work has been featured previously, or how you have tested your installation techniques/ideas before submitting them to us for consideration.   Click here to download form as a .doc
  2. An artist resume or biography.  For group shows, a brief biography/resume/CV should be included for each artist in the proposed exhibition.

  3. Up to 10 digital images of recent work, in jpeg format on a CD for physical submissions packets or as jpeg attachments for emailed proposals.  Do not submit slides or photo prints.  Images do not have to be of works that will definitely be included in the final show, but must be representative of the works to be displayed.  Please do not send us images of your prints if you are proposing an exhibition of sculpture.

  4. A list of captions for each image submitted that includes dimensions (with units), title and medium of each work. 

  5. A SASE (self addressed stamped envelope), if you are submitting a physical proposal packet. 

Please email electronic submissions packets to:

Please mail physical packets to:
WUD Art Committee
Attn: Submissions Coordinator
1308 W Dayton St Rm 235
Madison, WI 53715


Important Information and Exhibition Guidelines

  • Exhibitions typically last 4-6 weeks, except for certain student or MFA shows.
  • Artists are encouraged to present a gallery talk.
  • Artist works with the Art Committee to design and install exhibits, but the Art Committee reserves the right to change exhibition layouts for risk management or aesthetic reasons.
  • Artist is responsible for all expenses and logistics of transporting artwork to and from galleries, including insurance during transportation and all packing materials.
  • Artist is responsible for all incoming and outgoing shipping expenses, including packing/shipping materials, freight/shipping/delivery fees, and travel/lodging costs if hand-delivering works.
  • For 2016-2017 exhibitors at Memorial Union who are hand-delivering works, please note that we will not have storage space for packing materials due to major renovation construction in the Memorial Union. You will need to take packing materials with you following delivery and return with them for pick up. Selections of exhibitions with shipped artwork may be limited during this time period, due to a severe lack of storage space for crates/shipping boxes.
  • Work is insured only while the work is in our physical possession and secured to risk management standards.
  • All artworks must be removed from the galleries by the artist within 48 hours of the exhibition closing.
  • Memorial Union Pedestals: Up to thirteen pedestals of various sizes, eight with locking glass tops, are available for use in the Class of 1925 Gallery.
  • Union South Pedestals: Up to five pedestals ( 24 W x 24 L x42 H), with locking glass tops (24 W x 24 L x 30 H) are available for Gallery 1308.
  • Gallery is able to provide basic installation hardware (nails and/or screws) and equipment (simple hand tools). Specialized hardware, hanging brackets and/or equipment are the responsibility of the artist (including cost of said hardware and equipment).
  • Absolutely no drilling, nailing, or gluing to the floors, ceilings or molding is allowed. Absolutely no painting, mudding, plastering or use of adhesives/markers/paint/other substances on the walls, pedestals, windows, floor or ceiling is allowed.
  • 2D works appearing in any gallery MUST be framed and pre-wired (with sturdy picture wire only) for hanging PRIOR to arrival at the gallery.  Sturdy wiring is an essential part of our basic security protocols.  If your works will not arrive wired, this limits available insurance coverage for certain works.   
  • Memorial Union AV: For exhibitions that require AV equipment, the artist is responsible for providing all necessary equipment and instructions for simple operation. Our galleries are not staffed, so operation must be limited to starting the system at gallery opening each day of the exhibition (DVDs/CDs must loop.) Equipment must be installed to our risk management standards, or it will not be covered by insurance against theft, fire or damages in excess of normal handling.
  • Union South AV: Gallery 1308 features a discreet mono sound system with speakers, subwoofer, power amp, 5 disc CD changer, mp3 dock, mic input wall panel, and a single ceiling mount projector with 1 BluRay player (will project onto wall, not screen).
  • Any programmatic or financial sponsorships, grants, funds, etc must be approved for inclusion by the Art Committee prior to the start of the exhibition and are subject to all Wisconsin Union Directorate policies and procedures for co-sponsorships.
  • If the proposing party does not physically own/manage the artwork included in the proposal, adequate documentation of the availability of the artwork must be provided with the proposal. All rental, shipping, and transit insurance costs will be the responsibility of the proposing organization. The WUD Art Committee advisor must review and approve all contracts related to exhibitions of this nature prior to their final execution.
  • Once an exhibition is selected, any substantial changes to topic, format or medium must be approved by the WUD Art Committee prior to shipping of work.  The WUD Art Committee reserves the right to cancel any exhibition that changes significantly from what was originally proposed.
  • The Wisconsin Union Galleries must act as an intermediary for all sales of artwork during an exhibition.  The Wisconsin Union Galleries takes a 20% commission on all sales during or resulting from an exhibition.  Please price your works accordingly.  The Wisconsin Union Galleries will collect 5.5% Wisconsin Sales Tax and will remit sales tax directly to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

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