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Interested in attending a free movie? Simply show up early for a good seat, no ticket required!

WUD Film is a student-run committee that picks all of the free films to show at the Marquee theater during the school year and on the Terrace during the summer.

Students handle every aspect of the process including decision making, working with distributors, marketing the films, and running the events.






We program a variety of films including Hollywood blockbusters, indie gems, foreign flicks, documentaries, avant-garde offerings, cult classics, sneak previews of upcoming studio releases, and almost any other kind of film imaginable.

If you love movies and would like to help pick which ones get shown here at the union, the Film Committee is always looking for new members, and you don't need to be a film buff or film major to join. 

We have a lot of fun discussing possible titles and choosing the best ones, and we would love it if you stopped by during one of our meetings throughout the school year (every Monday at 6:00 PM, check TITU).



If you'd like to learn more, check out our Facebook page or Twitter.















Get Involved!

Interested in joining the WUD Film Committee and voting for which films we show? Everyone is welcome! Join us at our weekly meetings Mondays at 6pm. Check TITU for location or email us today!


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