Fade In

Do you have a good idea for a movie or TV show? Have you ever wanted to learn how to write a screenplay but didn’t know how? Do you want to meet other people like yourself and have fun?

Fade In gives creative people like you a place to play.  Join our meetings Tuesdays at 8pm Union South TITU (during the academic school year except for breaks) to meet other ambitious screenwriters and help each other learn some of the tools it takes to craft a successful script. As an opportunity for networking, creative fun, and as an excuse to get those fingers to the keyboard, make sure to make room in your life for Fade In!

For more information, contact Fade In Coordinator Max Lukach at fadein.wudpublications@gmail.com

Get Involved with WUD Publications!

Interested in joining our committee? Everyone is welcome! Look out soon for our Fall meeting time, TITU. or email us!

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