About the Society & Politics Committee

Who we are...

Society and Politics Committee is a non-partisan group of students who design programs that make it easy for people to talk, listen, and learn about the current events and challenges facing society.

What we do...

The Society and Politics Committee's members satisfy their curiosities about society's challenges by planning events and projects that can inform and invigorate the UW campus community. Our goal is to bring the issues into focus through dinners, discussions, speakers, special projects, volunteer work, and more. We hope to create a forum for people to learn and share their different perspectives and opinions without worrying about senseless bickering or a competition for who can talk the longest and the loudest.

Our events can cover any topic, and we are not limited to any set of issues - from worker's rights to managing the national debt to the wars in the Middle East, we leave no stone unturned. Society and Politics Committee is non-partisan, and we value involvement at every level. Whether you want to help design programs for others to enjoy, or engage in the programs that we put on, you will meet a lot of great people and learn a lot about yourself and the world around us in the process.

Part of something larger...

The Society and Politics Committee is one of the eleven committees of the Wisconsin Union Directorate. "WUD" is one of the largest student-run organizations on campus. For a complete listing of the WUD committees, visit the Directorate website.

For the students, by the students

Student members complete every aspect of the programming process. From creating publicity and writing press releases to introducing famous speakers in the Union Theater, students are encouraged to use their creative specialties, whatever they may be. Students have the opportunity to choose what issues they want to focus on, and get to brainstorm ways to perform them. The committee is truly for the students, by the students.

What's in it for me?

Each student is free to use this committee to talk and act on social/political issues that s/he is passionate about. Every opinion is welcome, challenged, debated, and in the end, better founded than before. It is a space for creativity, leadership, student activism, and dialogue that is also fun and a great chance to meet other involved, interesting students and political or social figures. 

Society & Politics

Get Involved with WUD Society & Politics Committee!

Interested in joining our committee? Everyone is welcome! Come to our weekly meeting Wednesdays at 7pm, TITU. or email us at societyandpolitics@union.wisc.edu

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